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IQ test is the short form of intelligence Quotient. It can be defined as a system which is used to check the common intelligence of any people that includes a series of tests. Though this free iq test is not a perfect system to check an individuals intelligence it is the most psychologically applied system for that purpose. It's been argued, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Test is only one imperfect way to measure certain aspects related to intellectual potential. There are some people who state IQ Test as an effective predictor just in the sector that has literacy plus numeracy tend to be of fundamental importance. This test will provide an individual to find out the capacity to think, reason as well as to solve problems. IQ (Intelligence Quotient) Test formula for calculation is IQ= Mental age/ Chronological age) 100. 

This test has an average of 100 score with upper and lower to the average score following Gaussian Curve. Free IQ Test is utilized in order to determine a childs mental abilities in several particular domains by Clinical Psychologists. This system provides the measure that can be helpful for your children to lead him/her in an according and specific direction so that your children can gain knowledge in a very effective way. Even if you have a nice IQ score it is not guaranteed that you will be successful in future this is what many research have given the proof. So in order to have the actual personality of any individual only IQ Test is not sufficient and here an additional test comes in to play which is called EQ (Emotional Quotient). This test is different from the academic test (IQ Test) as it includes testing of abilities of interpersonal sectors. 

Dr. Reuven Bar-On made the use of EQ for the very first time in order to determine the emotional intelligence of any individual. EQ is actually the ability of sensation, understanding and efficiently employing the capability of emotional feelings for facilitating higher levels of productivity and cooperation. EQ Test is also not supposed as a perfect measuring process of person's every aspect and is still controversial like IQ Test. These tests are different for different age groups. Below are two sample questions that include the testing of IQ for average age of 20 years old person. 

1.       Pick the odd one from below. 

a) Dog           b) Lion  c) Elephant         d) Mouse            e) Snake 

2.       The next number in the series 1-1-2-3-5-8-13 is 

a) 8         b) 12      c) 31       d) 21      e) 13 

All the questions will be like the above which checks the general ability to answer. According to the answer selected by an individual IQ score will be calculated. 

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Melany Samson - 169

John Johnson - 168

Patrisha Celio - 156

This Month:

Melissa Loshu -139

Pin Dlon -       128

Joe Daman -   126

This Week:

Melissa Loshu - 139

Robert Davids - 138

Robert Rocher - 124